Camilo reacts to the memes about his love for Evaluna Montaner


Miami, USA.

Camilo Echeverry has many reasons to smile, despite the pandemic coronavirus. The singer-songwriter colombian is having better results than projected with your disk “For the first time“and her recent marriage to Evaluna Montaner has not only increased his popularity, but he has become the the protagonist of memes that is very funny.

“Memes, I laugh. Well, give us laughter. It is a sign that people are paying attention to what we do,” said Echeverry during a virtual interview with Efe from the house of his father-in-law, the renowned singer Ricardo Montaner, where you spend the quarantine in Miami with Evaluna and six other people.

“We like those who are well-intentioned. The others, we pity them. It seems to Me that the make people that or has never experienced what I or you do not understand what love is,” added the artist of 26 years.

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The singer refers to the avalanche of jokes graphics that have surfaced in recent days on social networks and mock the way in which it treats and speaks to his wife, with whom had a courtship of five years and married for two and a half months.

Camilo, as he prefers to be identified artistically, ensures that it has never been raised to lower the intensity to their expressions of love.

“I could not, much less now. During this confinement I have learned more from Evaluna in the previous years that I spent with her. I have seen how it has become a leader and organizer is generous and capable,” he said.

That passion for the youngest daughter of Montaner and sister duet Ricky and Mau, in addition to star of the series Nickelodeon “Class 52”, has been the inspiration for “For the first time”her third studio album and the first in a decade after “Regálame tu corazón”, 2007 and “Traffic feelings” of 2010.

Just, the disc carries the name of the song more emblematic of their romance.

It was written by Camilo and Evalunawho launched shortly after his honeymoon in Bali (Indonesia)accompanied by a video directed and produced by the artist, with images of your country wedding on a farm south of Miami and the honeymoon.

“For the first time“it was followed by “Favorite“a love letter to Evaluna, who both declared themselves remained a virgin until the wedding night.

The album also includes two versions of “Tutu“: the first is the collaboration with Peter Hood and the second, the remix to which is added Shakira then call out to him to participate in the theme, that said to be “obsessed”.

The success of “Tutu” was such that Camilo, Hood, and Shakira sang it live for the first time in the final of the Davis Cup in 2019, held in Madrid last November.

It also brings a collaboration with the award-winning singer-songwriter mexican Christian Nodal. “The half” it is exactly the song you choose as an example to explain how you can’t tell which is his style.

“It’s pop, norteño, pop, regional mexican, does not have a name. My music goes through many genres and draws from many more. The best thing is that in these times an artist does not need to choose a style,” said Camilo.

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Your “Tribe” is more than just any dream

Camilo also recognised that 2020 has brought great challenges to the world, but for him, personally, it has brought many blessings.

The first, your wedding. The second, the successful hosting of “For the first time”, it exceeded all their expectations.

“I knew the tribe I was going to support, but the reception that it has had has exceeded any of my dreams,” she said.

When he speaks of the tribe refers to its fans-the most active are young women, which keeps you connected to through social networks.

Not only yours, but those of Evaluna, those of their brothers-in-law Ricky and Mau Montaner and to those of their parents-in-law, Marlene Rodriguez and the patriarch Montaner, who made him a barbeque in his honor to celebrate the departure of the disk.

In the tribe of Camillus are also those who have fallen in love with some of his most famous compositions as “The Nail”the song Prince Royce with a remix Maluma; “Without Pyjamas”, the success of Natti Natasha and Becky G.; and “Pa inside” of Juanesand many , many others.

Although it is difficult to imagine how the future will be after the quarantine, it feels quiet, because “the world is taking the opportunity to look inward and that they’re going to leave a lot of good things”, finished off.