Cardi B is critical of all the famous asymptomatic that were made the test of Covid-19


Cardi B criticizes famous covid-19

In addition to the losses and the physical damage that was caused by the coronavirus, one of the things that give us fear of the pandemic is that the hospitals do not have enough material to be able to make tests of Covid-19 to those who do have symptoms. The doctors of the united States are asking that those who believe they are infected to stay home unless they have extreme symptoms. However, some famous Hollywood have been able to take the test with their primary care physicians and Cardi B is upset by that.

Through an Instagram Live, in which the rapper appears with a look that’s carefree and with a mask, spoke about the global situation because of the coronavirus. The video lasts less than 5 minutes and in that only dedicated to criticize the famous asymptomatic that have been able to do the test and the described as hypocrites since there are thousands of people who are experiencing high fever, pneumonia, shortness of breath and who have not been able to come close to experts, because the hospitals are not equipped to be able to serve so many people.

“Let me tell you something. The general public is not being treated like a celebrity. Will not receive their p***s results of coronavirus the next day. They tell people to go home and do self-quarantine. Where do you believe they are sending people home? Not everyone has the luxury of going to your damn room and go to a big house, and simply stay isolated. Many people live in small apartments with more people”, he added.

“Many celebrities have the luxury of paying between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 or whatever it costs to get tested and receive treatment.” He explained that most of the people who are truly infected can not afford to pay that amount.

At the end is also critical to the government of the united States not to bear the expense of the people who are sick and who do not have the purchasing power to be able to receive treatment. In addition, criticized Trump for not responding quickly to the virus knowing for months that he was a threat.