Cardi B is critical of Trump, celebrities by the confusion that surrounds the coronavirus


Cardi B has done another public service announcement.

In a new video posted on their social networks, the rapper of “Bodak Yellow” is immersed deeply in his thoughts about the coronavirus. There are more questions than answers, and that Cardi admits he is as confused as the rest of us.

Addressing his fans with a surgical mask, Cardi B speaks on celebrities, the president Trump and the current administration for the barrage of mixed messages in COVID-19, and by by-passing completely the real-life situation for millions of americans.

One thing is for sure, “the coronavirus is very real,” says Cardi.

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The hip-hop star from the Bronx continues: “If you are positive for the coronavirus but you don’t have a fever crazy but you have a cold and you’re sending people home”. Where do you think that you are sending people home? Not everyone has the luxury of going to a room and a big house and just stay away from the people, ” she says.

“A lot of people live in small apartments with many people. If you send me home and I have the virus, it is very likely to give it to my spouse, my children, to anyone who is around me.”

Many people do not have money for testing of coronavirus, explains Cardi.

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The artist, who has campaigned for the democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, also criticized the government for not being prepared for the epidemic, despite having the benefit of seeing how the virus spreads in Asia and Europe.

Watch the latest video of Cardi below.

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