Celebrities share their beauty rituals during the quarantine in front of the coronavirus


Everything is worth to seek the best sessions of self-care without leaving home

Updated 27/03/2020 11:38

The confinement forces us to stay home for the sake of the health of all to combat the coronavirus. And like us, the celebrities are in the house. And to not get carried away many times by the discouragement, sadness, or worries, not a few are those that put in place a whole battery of tricks of beauty, sharing their rituals for the care of skin, hair, and makeup. From their masks homemade, to get a touch of red lip to look good face without leaving the house, getting the eyeliner to full-color…

The celebrities also are in their homes, keeping the quarantine and subject to the rules of confinement in front of the coronavirus. And from their social networks remind us all give to their followers the importance of staying at home in these moments so difficult in the world est going through one of its worst pandemics.

From Instagram, the celebrities are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the disease. For example, Selena Gomez, Olivia Wilde o Dakota Johnson who have accepted the challenge #SafeHandsChallengue publishing how to wash hands thoroughly to try to prevent the spread of the disease with the washing of hands. But in addition, to counteract the sadness, or boredom at home, many celebrities have decided to share their intimacy with their followers. Some have published books or films they are watching or reading during the quarantine and other such as Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa demonstrate with photos and vdeos how important it is to take care of and not neglected with beauty rituals that enhance your skin and encourage the soul. From the tutorials of makeup Do It Yourself, beauty treatments exprs, we copy its beauty tips and well-being, and will reveal if t also want to sign up.

The actress Jessica Alba care for your skin together with your family. With their two daughters, the actress organiz a session of beauty with patches decongestants in the eyes and masks of red clay of their signature Honest Beauty.

The actress of “Stranger Things,” Millie Bobbie Brown I shared a video seen by more than six million people where she can be seen trying out a face mask of its own brand, Florencebymills.

The singer Dua Lipa points to the session of masks with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid (s, brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid) to share their quarantine. And your plan goes of course a bath relaxing and a clay mask effect detox for the skin.

During this period of confinement, the actress January Jones do not forget to take care of your skin. Your favorite rituals in the quarantine? Apply a mask LED ms that effective against wrinkles, the acn and pimples besides other skin problems.

Vanessa Hudgens fights the signs of uncertainty during his confinement in-house getting your creative side with makeup. And va ms all, trying out eyeliners of different colors, in this case, one blue.