Chris Hemsworth can no longer be with their children


Chris Hemsworth revealed that has suffered with their children to put more attention on their online classes.

“Everything has changed since I was in school.”

Australian actor, was interviewed by the comedian Jimmy Kimmel, where he mentioned that it has not been easy to assist them to not be distracted.

Have they been watching YouTube and all those things. I’ve tried and I’ve failed miserably. It has traded close to four or five hours, and with the bribe, you get maybe 20 minutes of work,” he explained.

In addition, the actor who gave life to “Thor” and said that there is a lot of difference between the current classes and which he received when he was a child.

“Everything has changed since I was in school. I was talking with the professor about everything that has been adding and subtracting, has not been simple. Now are these new tricks and I don’t understand very well“.

To this, Kimmel asked if I did not feel helped enough, to which Hemsworth replied that he had no problem with it.

“I feel relaxed with all the strange. Going to come out of this, we know the signs“.