Chris Hemsworth reveals the scene more brutal and intense of your life


‘Extraction’ is the new movie starring Chris Hemsworth which is directed by Sam Hargrave and written by the brothers Anthony and Joe Russor, with whom he has already worked in several films from Marvel.

An action movie that has become the center of attention for a flat sequence of 12 minutes has been the most “intense” and “exhausting” in the life of the actor is australian.

The scene of which we speak (we’re not going to have to do not make any spoiler) is starring the own Hemsworth (Tyler Rake) and Rudhraksh Jaiswal (Ovi), where they appear in a car chase, on foot, on buildings, falling from them… come on, an adventure that took a lot of effort.

“From conception to execution, it took us probably four or five months“says Hargrave to IndieWire. In addition, it was shot over 10 days in various real-life scenarios of Ahmedabad (India).

Hemsworth has confessed that it is “one of the experiences more stressful“of your life. “Making this movie was one of the experiences most stressful but rewarding I have ever had in at. Our director @thesamhargrave pushed the boundaries like no other. We set out to make the film action more crazy and intense and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and more to thank everyone involved in making the film,” he said in a post on Instagram.

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