Chris Pine replaces Chris Pratt in the reboot which are prepared by the director of ‘Rocketman’


Simon Templar returns to change of face. Which is, well, normal with this character. A couple of months ago we learned that Paramount had signed Dexter Fletcher (‘Rocketman’) to direct a reboot of ‘The saint’ (‘The Saint’), and now have chosen the protagonist: Chris Pine.

A Chris on the other

The actor of the last installments of ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ (whose sequel should arrive in theaters in August) will take the place of another famous “Chris”, Chris Prattthe star initially chosen to lead the project. At the moment, for the situation of alarm caused by the coronavirus, there is no date for filming or the premiere of this new ‘The Saint’.

If it goes forward, and I hope I do because Chris Pine fits perfectly in the role, will be the third franchise that Paramount left in the hands of this performer; in addition to the reboot of ‘Star Trek’, where he embodies Captain Kirk, Pine starred in the prequel Jack Ryan, a failed attempt to relaunch the series based on the novels of Tom Clancy before the series Amazon.

Seth Grahame-Smith (‘Pride + Prejudice + Zombies’) is the screenwriter of the upcoming movie ‘The saint’, a creation of the writer Leslie Charteris. This thief lover of adventures and disguises, and has given rise to many adaptations, perhaps the most popular versions are those of Roger Moore, who starred in the tv series of the 60’s, and Val Kilmer, which spearheaded the cast of the film in 1997.

I don’t know to you but to me the trailers of both versions leave me wanting to see more adventures of this peculiar hero: