Criticism “In the game of the assassin,” with Henry Cavill


Review of Nomis / Night Hunter or In The Game Killer tape, suspense, psychological, written and directed by David Raymond.

Follows the story of detective Marshall and the former judge become a vigilant local Cooper arrest a serial killer who attacks women.

But after being analyzed by the specialist in profiles, Rachel discovers that the criminal caught could accommodate multiple personalities and one of which may have answers to the crimes, so the game is to beat the murderer in reality has only just begun…

The film builds properly your tone of mystery, achieving its purpose of keeping the expectation in the viewer, with several turns of the screw, emphasizing that not everything is what it seems.

The star-studded cast integrated by Henry Cavill (Superman in the DCEU The Witcher), Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3), Alexandra Daddario (Earthquake: the San andreas fault), Stanley Tucci (Transformers), Brendan Fletcher (Arrow), Minka Kelly (Titans), Nathan Fillion (The Suicide Squad) and Eliana Jones meet providing performances pretty solid.

In conclusion it is a movie interesting enough, that will keep the audience on the edge of the seat, so that it is worth to visualize.