Demi Lovato jokes about her rehabilitation


9 years ago that ended “Sunny among stars”the tv series that propelled the career of Demi Lovato. The plot revolved around a girl who moved to Hollywood to fulfill her dreams as an actress.

Despite the fact that the coronavius has put on alert all over the world, quarantine has been the perfect excuse for that to occur the emotional meeting between the cast of various tv series and movies. Demi reunited with his former teammate, and did some jokes that were not to the liking of some.

Through a live transmission simultaneously,
Demi lived with the
cast of “Sunny among stars”, who after 9 years have taken different paths in their life and have become adults, the boys decided to share what they have done all these years.

Demi, who has suffered from problems with substances harmful decided
joke and said that it was dedicated to be in
rehabilitation, a lot of times.
Errr, ok? Apparently, the singer has managed to overcome that difficult stage, and therefore allows you to see the positive side and make
jokes about it.

However, some users considered that their
jokes they were out of place, since the troubles faced are serious issue for many people who are suffering and struggling to get ahead, the
rehabilitation it is not easy and believe that it should not be taken as an everyday thing.