Did you kissed him? Shakira tried to fall in love with Anuel and he liked the idea … Look what you did!


The performers of the theme I like apparently did not take anything well, it was a miracle to be able to record the video of the theme

Shakira and Anuel AA had a great success after the release of his song “I like”, which has more than half a million visits in its first week of release, despite the fact that from the beginning, the song didn’t have a very good acceptance on the part of the followers of the colombian.

Before the announcement of the collaboration of the two singers, fans of the colombian didn’t react in the best way, since you made comments a little negative on the puerto rican, all of this provoked controversy, after the release of the video of the song.

In a video found, we can appreciate what were the details that gave rise to the controversy between the singers, from the beginning Shakira did not want to reveal the name of the singer with which would work for your next production .

In addition it should be noted that during the filming of the music video the singers can only be seen up close in a shot, and that is where Shakira appears on a table wearing a hair black and at the bottom you can see Anuel itching about food, this is the only time that you see the singer sharing the same study.

The topic was attended by very little publicity on the part of both songs, as Shakira only does a publication that promotes the theme, for its part Anuel AA performing a promotion of the topic very little unusual in it, after the release of the video of the song does not go to the singers promoting together your new success.