Doctor Strange wears the armor of Iron Man in new photo from Avengers: Infinity War

From that Avengers: Infinity War came to theaters in 2018 have been revealed dozens of ideas, scenes and concepts that were discarded for the film. In fact, a couple of days ago, it was disclosed that originally the idea was that the Guardians of the Galaxy only had a cameo role in the defeat of the heroes against Thanos.

In that sense, as he spends more time since the premiere of the film, are still emerging background to thicken up the anecdotes of the things that did not come to the big screen.

So this time, in the middle of a review of the film is facilitated by the site Comicbook, one of the writers of Avengers: Infinity War, Stephen McFeely, revealed a new photo from the film where for the first time, you can see Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange wearing the suit of Iron Man while the Tony Stark of Robert Downey Jr. is at his side.

As you can deduce by the ambiance, this scene was intended to develop in the craft of the Ebony Maw, when Iron Man and Spider-Man rescue the Sorcerer Supreme. However, it was discarded the final version of the film.

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Why? Apparently the sequence was very long.

“Then, there were other versions of this rescue”, wrote McFeely. “Some were too awesome (and long) to keep them. But still, one can dream”.

Anyway, this is not the first time that the idea of Doctor Strange wearing the suit of Iron Man comes to light. In fact, a while back, it revealed the concepts of that scene that provided a fuller context of how they might have been if the film had taken that course.