Dwayne Johnson wants Henry Cavill in the DCEU, but Warner Bros. no longer


Some people want desperately that Henry Cavill return to the DCEU, but it seems that Warner Bros. do not think to give the arm to twist. According to a new report We Got This CoveredDwayne Johnson would be pushing the studio with all their forces to produce the appearance of Cavill in the movie Black Adamhowever, the executives of the company do not cease to demonstrate time and again that that ship has departed forever.

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The comics have that Black Adam is the arch nemesis of Shazam. a man born in Ancient Egypt for a long time he provided his services to the pharaoh. Adam was about to be chosen by Shazam as the heir of his powers, however, the circumstances became corrupt and for a long time, his soul lived trapped in the tomb of Ramses II to his later discovery of it many centuries later. The comics continued to be presented to a Adam of methods unorthodox. In their abilities, Black Adam is the equivalent of Shazam, with exactly the same powers; it has a proud giant and remains true to your own code: you think that the superheroes of the united States exert too much influence in the global context and do not agree with it.

Some months ago, Dwayne Johnson confirmed via social media the release date for Black Adam, a film highly anticipated by fans of the DCEU. The actor of 47 years, announced with fanfare her income to the popular movie universe with this tape that allegedly hit theaters in 2021, however, there are some things that I could not go out as Johnson longs, among them a cameo Henry Cavill as the mighty Superman.

When in 2019 he came to the cinemas ¡Shazam! – 88% with Zachary Levi, many thought that Cavill would have a special appearance in the film, but it is not. Right at the end, Superman comes to the school of the protagonist, unfortunately we do not have the opportunity of seeing his face, leaving out the great chance to honor Cavill as the great Man of Steel represents.

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The report WGTC he points out that Dwayne Johnson is pressing the studio to Henry Cavill it appears as Superman in the scene post-credit of the movie, but Warner Bros. would have been a negative to the proposal. Cavill shone forth with great force in The Man of Steel – 55%, but your step-by-Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice – 27% and Justice League – 41% turned him into a persona non-grata to many fans and even for the own Warner. On the other hand, Cavill has shown on numerous occasions his interest in returning, but the refusal of Warner has had to ignore the study with greater firmness.

It is likely that the film Black Adam have to do without Henry Cavill as a point of support in the post-credits scene, and what is true is that it is a pity for all those who would like to see the actors and characters from the DCEU reunificados. Warner Bros. has committed error after error at the time of the consolidation of a narrative with these superheroes, but with the absence of Clark Kent out things are more complicated than ever.

With the scourge of the pandemic by COVID-19 all over the world, it is likely that the filming of Black Adam be delayed, as well as its premiere, a situation that could give more time to that Dwayne Johnson try to convince the executives of Warner Bros… perhaps in vain. Today, more than ever, the DC superhero need accommodations worthy on the big screen, especially with the figures Marvel succeeding high for everything.

For the time being has not confirmed the appearance of Zachary Levi as Shazam in Black Adamone of the next efforts of Warner and DC to get their superhero on. In the path is also The Batman , the next adaptation to the big screen of the Dark Knight, one of the most beloved characters of not only the fans of comics, also of the followers of pop culture.

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