Emilia Clarke would be the new princess Mera ‘Aquaman 2’


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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue to be in the eye of the hurricane. Not only have they been new evidence against Heard in a media case about domestic violence, but many to portend a turbulent future within the schema hollywood.

For principle of accounts, Johnny was “cancelled” for many projects when you Heard issued court orders against him. From the year 2016, Amber presented evidence (which is now known to be manipulated) to lash out against the late singer of “Jack Sparrow”.

Meanwhile, Amber re-emerged from oblivion with the media and began to highlight in casts very desirable. To embody the princess Mera in Aquaman (where she shared credits with Jason Momoa) Heard he got a new entourage of fans and countless opportunities, including of course the possibility of a great sequel in the Movie Universe of DC (DCEU).

However, after filtering the audio where Amber admits to having coerced Johnny Depp while accepting their respective attacks to the actor, many fans agree that it is unacceptable that Heard follow at the top next to Aquaman, so now you have an idea to give a new face to the princess Mera. Emilia Clarke.

For months, the on-line petitions for Amber to stop being Mere abound. However, they have gained strength titanic now that it was announced that within the marriage Depp-Heard, the latter was the foremost mind after the abuse (not to mention that it was also denounced in his time by another ex-partner: Tasya van Ree

The chemistry that Clarke and Momoa have is undeniable since both were “spouses” in Game of Thrones, so I could easily return the “love earring” by Aquaman and Mera. While Warner Bros. has not issued the positioning thereon of Amber Heard, the fan-cast you have it all figured out by the many requests in networks and Change.Org

There are those who dream large and to place it at Clarke a beautiful mane of red to make it match with the wife of Aquaman, what do you think?

The majority of requests, highlight an important motivation as to why Amber may NOT remain as a Mere:

Amber Heard was exposed as abusive domestic by Johnny Depp (…) she herself admitted the violence. In their demand for $50 million, Depp details many incidents of violence she had experienced in her own flesh at the hands of his (then) wife Amber Heard.

Do you like Emilia Clarke outside the couple of Jason Momoa in Aquaman 2? The tape is scheduled for release on the 22nd of December, 2021.

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