Five Reasons: Charlize Theron, feisty, tireless by the equity


1) The donation. A few days ago, Charlize Theron and his foundation donated a million dollars to combat health against the coronavirus and to help victims of gender-based violence that escalates in the pandemic. The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project announced that under the initiative “Together For Her”, half of this sum will be allocated to services such as shelters, psychological support, help lines, crisis intervention, health services, legal services and other forms of support for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

“I ask other influential women and organizations to support this cause, critique, and provide safe spaces and programs to save the lives of women in need,” said a statement from the actress south african 44-year-old who knows this problem first-hand. Let’s look at the next point.

2) Self-defense. The father of Charlize Theron was murdered by his mother. The episode is known from its consolidation in the stardom, although he never spoke in detail about it as in the promotion of Bombshell (Jay Roach, 2019), a film which is starring with Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman. “My father was so drunk that was not understood how she could walk when she entered the house with a gun,” said Theron to air on National Public Radio in the united States.

“My mother and I (only 15 years) and we were in a room, propped up against the door that he was trying to push. So we met when he had to take a step back and shot three times through the door. Miraculously, none of the bullets caught up with us. Then, when he could, my mother put an end to the threat,” he added.

3) The dance, an escape. After some experiences as a model in Europe, Theron came to New York to enroll in the dance company Joffrey Ballet School. There he found a pathway ambitious exploration of the body. “What dance gave me a safe place to explore”, reaffirmed in a recent interview with IndieWire.

“He was innocent, and then it was a place to escape my home life and the trauma of being a teenager. I could use my body to work on things, gave me a great understanding of the space I occupy, and the power they had in that space, and how much you can say with a hand movement or how you move the head”, was specified on an activity that also gave him a “muscle memory” key for a role that we will cover in the next point.

Theron distributes steaks in a scene from “Atomic Blonde”. (Netflix)

4) Violence choreography. The “muscle memory” helped him find roles in action films such as Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015). Or as the nearest Atomic Blonde (David Leitch, 2017), available at Netfix.

It is an adaptation of the comic The Coldest Citylocated in the Berlin, of the impending fall of the wall. With plot complex resolved so confusing but with high level of likelihood, the most remarkable aspect of the film are the fight scenes, which led Theron to a physical demands extreme. “I have the muscle memory, but he had not done anything in years. The level of force starting from zero. I have the discipline, the dance teaches you that. In addition, I do not like people to tell me that there is something I can do”, he expressed before entering into a discussion on gender.

In “Atomic Blonde”, Theron plays Lorraine Broughton, a spy for MI6. (Netflix)

5) Woman and point. “I always wanted to see a woman in this field, in which generally act the men, but with the same rules,” said Theron in the promotion of Atomic Blonde. And he claimed that Lorraine Broughton, the spy of the MI6, which it interprets, does not have a past tortuous justifying their violent impulses: “I love it, because women are too explained in frames of this type. As if they need to justify at each step why she reacts so if you are a woman. With the men, of course, does not pass”.

Theron worked this character with eight personal trainers that made her “throw up every day” and to lose two teeth in a routine of travel. Detail: coincided in the training with Keanu Reeves for John Wick: Chapter 2. And developed a competitive relationship with him.