Halle Berry is shown without makeup and looks beautiful


Wearing his best smile, and without makeup, so just show Halle Berry in one of his last photos on Instagram in which he shares a simple and nutritious breakfast for your #fitnessfriday.

The beautiful actress is african american shows that 53 years mean nothing to her, and how we must take care, during this quarantine to feel good inside and out.

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With a wild hairstyle, with a handkerchief tied to his head and without a hint of makeup, the actress has directed her fans to share with you a recipe keto chicken breast, ranchero with bacon and cheese. In this way, so simple and nutritious, Halle Berry has tried to raise the spirits of his followers in these times of quarantine against the coronavirus with one of your favorite recipes.

“Welcome back to another #ViernesFitness, issue #Quarentena. I’m on my 15th day and my strategy with scarves on the head is stronger than ever (who has time for hair? “so subtituló its publication.

“I thought I might want to prepare one of my favorite recipes #Keto … chicken ranch with bacon and cheese. It is very easy to prepare and only requires a few ingredients and is delicious. Happy Friday!”.

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For a long time, the actress has used his account of Instagram as a forum to demonstrate the direction fitness and healthy that has taken his life, that has brought him incredible results as the abdomen of steel that looks day to day.

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The protagonist of “Monster”s Ball” proves that every woman can and should feel healthy and beautiful showing her natural beauty without shame or artifice.

The followers of Halle did not take long to write positive comments about their publication and compliments on its beauty.

In addition, this is not the first time that Halle shared a photo of her at home during her quarantine. Some days ago, published another photo of her with their favorite scarves in the company of a glass of wine with the message: “Wine … because no great story starts with a salad,” said the actress.

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