Halle Berry returns to launch an app of healthy life to compete with Gwyneth Paltrow


Meditate, use cosmetics made with natural products, breathing… Hale Berry is pointing to the fashion healthy (again) and it seems to follow in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow with her successful company, cross-platform Goop is the goal. On the 9th of April came to Instagram a new account, @respin, a concoction of photographs of nature, positive messages and sport. However, it is not the first time that the actress tries to imitate Gwyneth, already in 2018 launched another website with the same purpose… whatYou will have better results on this occasion?

A couple of days later, Halle Berry became echo of this in your personal profile, explaining that it was a project that took a long time to develop and that was still ‘work in progress’, but that the situation of current quarantine and that had made him consider that this was the time in which the people would need to Respin.

In the words of the actress herself, the platform is a digital community of well-being “from me to you.” For years, Halle has defended the project #FitnessFriday, with each Friday to share with their followers a workout video, which would be the seed of Respin.

Respin, the app of Halle Berry. (Courtesy)
Respin, the app of Halle Berry. (Courtesy)

In a nutshell, the new project Halle Berry is a app with audio-visual content, in which she and her team cascade exercise routines that you can do at home, nutritional advice, meditation classes, recipes, beauty DIY (do it yourself) or even sports material developed by the actress.

Since beginning his artistic career in 1986 to become the finalist of the beauty contest Miss America, Halle Berry has always taken care of her figure, taking care to follow a healthy diet and a constant practice of the sport. But now the actress has confessed the truth behind his concern for the welfare: “When I was 22 I was diagnosed with diabetes and it was at that moment when I realized that my concept of health I had to change”.

Halle Berry found on nutrition, sport and well-being the three pillars able to reconnect your body with your soul: “They taught Me how valuable is my body,” he explained on Instagram. That is exactly what you intended to achieve with a Respin, taking advantage of the current situation in which we are all at home, it seems that it is time to reset and to surrender to life healthy and to exercise.

What is the purpose of Respin?

In its definition, the community points to five key points. To connect people with the same interests, nourishing content to the body, the mind and the soul, teach you to strengthen the body by putting it to the limit, awaken and discover spirituality that resides within each one and give.

Without doubt, this last point is the most curious. There are hundreds of applications to meditate, take a proper nutrition or exercise, but none that combine all of these practices relates to the concept of gratitude. Do not seek to preach but to inspire: “We encourage the search fearless of self-development”. And it is defined as a community of support and strengthening. A community in every rule.

Beauty Tips

In addition to the practical tips to meditate and to make sport, Halle Berry also wants to share beauty secrets very homespunand nothing like a homemade mask to start this new channel beauty.

Two tablespoons of green tea, a pinch of turmeric, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a quart of plain yogurt. With this recipe that tones, brightens, clarifies, revitalizes, exfoliates, and hydratesthe actress inaugurated the section beauty of Respin.

Following in the steps of Gwyneth

The first to create a new concept of beauty was Gwyneth Paltrow. Goop began as a book, became a blog, created her own cosmetic products, and currently even has a documentary series on Netflix. The products of Goop have become the most recommended by the editors of beauty americans and the Goop is now a kind of beauty perfectly identifiable with the actress.

Sustainable beauty, food ultrasaludables, exercise, balanced, photoprotection, formulas, multi-function and nice texture… Gwyneth has created everything and it seems to Respin you want to go in the same direction with a marked disadvantage of 12 years -Goop was registered in 2008. Yes, must remember that Berry recorded in 2000 Hallewood with a concept quite similar but that does not put them in orbit -with little success – until 2018.