Have detected 25 cases of COVID-19 at Central de Abasto


Héctor Ulises García Nieto, administrator of the Central de Abasto of Mexico City, said that these facilities have been detected until now, 25 cases of COVID-19, and two people who worked there have died due to this disease.

One of the infections, he explained, was then the wife of the owner of a winery to travel to Spain. Back to Mexico, “passed to the husband who is the one that serves the wine cellar, and infected (also) to the nephew who attends another winery”.

On confirmed cases, in addition to the two deceased, some are hospitalized and others are in the quarantine zone, although no detailed figure.

The administrator of the Central de Abasto of Mexico City reported that it will strengthen the health measures, after reporting cases of COVID-19 among traders.

One of the measures is that it is prohibited the entrance to the Central of pregnant women, children, and older adults. It will be mandatory the use of face cloths and desinfect the cellars permanently.

There is also the recommendation that people with any pre-existing condition such as diabetes or hypertension do not go to the Central.

In general, it is recommended that citizens use the platform to “GIVE at Home”, to reduce the number of visitors and thus minimize the risk of contagion.

In regard to the workers of the plant, there will be a health intervention, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, is to be located and will follow up suspected cases with the participation of 400 items, among them, medical staff, technicians, and health promoters.

“Will tours to detect areas of high contagion in the commercial aircraft market and will be installed tents to triage for the review of people infected with hiv, and to the extent possible, practice testing,” he added, in video conferencing.

“We’re going to have filters on the inputs of the aisles, all the entries that we have, by corridor, we have about 28 entries, you are going to have people taking signs, they’re going to take the temperature and I want to tell you that also is already required, through a circular made by the administration, that the companies make, at least, the temperature of its workers to the income”.

The head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, he mentioned that, starting this Monday the installation of 200 tents to perform screening to 90 thousand workers of this center with the aim of identifying and, if necessary, isolate people infected with hiv.

“The Central Supply must remain open, it is the supply not only most important in the City of Mexico but from the central area of the country, and what we are doing is to take restriction measures of the inputs to protect the population, that is the most important, these measures have the goal of protecting us all, to all”.

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