Home Couture. The trend that mimics the looks of the catwalks


Because of the contingency health is living in the world, many of the Fashion Weeks had to change dates, or plan to, cancelled. But that has not been an obstacle for the lovers of the trends stay tuned to what happens within the fashion industry.

Even, some have been creative and, through the social networkshave shared your interpretation of some of the proposals that the designers international have shown on the gateway in previous seasons, using his creativity and what you have at hand in their homes.

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These imitationsthat have become so irreverent and with a lot of humor, are part of the concept Home Couture. This tag was created by a fashion journalist George Serventi who, through their platform SKIP Dinner, he has shown his vision and satirical comic of the various proposals of the creators international. Do you want to know them? Here you present

Check this funny version of a model Moschino. What do you think?

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And what about this? With garbage bags, white, inflated it mimics one of the outfits featured in the parade AW15, of Comme Des Garcons.

In this recreation you use metallic paper for the skirt and sheer fabric for the rest of the dress.


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To imitate this look Balenciaga it was fairly simple, only needed a pair of trousers and a jacket oversize. Of course, the attitude is also important.


What do you think of this recreation? Just needed a white dress base, which is stuck disks. And for the headdress, a bit of cardboard.


The concept Home Couture it also evokes the looks of the red carpet. For example, this fan of Lady Gaga I copy the dress that took the singer to the Gala of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, in may of last year.

And here, the version of the look of the model Cara Delevingne, also seen during the Costume Institute Gala at the Met.

And now that you already know the concept do you dare to make your own version?