Hospitalized Anna Kendrick


Fortunately, the actress was discharged after a diagnosis of kidney stones.

It turns out that Anna Kendrick had to be hospitalized for kidney stones.

Fortunately the actress Pitch Perfect was discharged as soon as it was possible by what is already in house.

The own explained his situation via Twitter:

“Therefore I must congratulate the doctors and nurses in Atlanta who helped me on my first experience with kidney stones when I was in my state more vulnerable and terrified. Especially for the ladies, truly wonderful: Renee, Sandra, Muriel, Beverly, Ashley, Nina, Callie and the young man whose name begins with “L”. I can’t remember… To be fair, you were one of the people that they have provoked me nightmares just before sinking… but; but thou didst laugh my ass tired. If I die… delete the history of my search. Joke. What I appreciate”.

“I was worried that my pain became ‘nothing serious’ or something that should have been able to fight. I am very grateful to these women. Even if you only interact for a moment, to know that the attention and kindness that they provide to their patients are very much appreciated”.