How and where to watch live the concert online of Ariana Grande


Pandemic coronavirus is actually very hard. There are increasingly more cases of contagion, more deaths, and, for the moment, the best solution is to stay at home. Aware of the situation, hundreds of well-known artists have been giving shows to entertain their fans.

In this case, Ariana Grande will be providing today a free concert. The famous singer it will be one of the great guest of Jason Robert Browna musician has a residence in SubCulture.

Another of the artists who will say present at the show will be Shoshana Bean figure 42-year-old in addition to being a singer is a renowned actress of 42 years with experience in the circuit Broadway.

When will I be able to watch live the show of Ariana Grande:

This Monday, April 27, at the following times:

Mexico: 20:00 hours.

Argentina: 22:00 hours.

United States: 20:00 PT/ 21:00 PT

Where you will be able to see the show of Ariana Grande:

The show will be able to see by means of Vimeo Live Stream and the page of the Facebook official of SubCulture.

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