how JLO did that Jucy Couture out great


Written by Mariana Serini, c. n.n.

In the archives of the history of pop culture, “Remember when“? It is a new series that presents the look of melancholy of the attire of celebrities who define their era.

Do you remember when Jennifer Lopez became a attire of track kitsch at the beginning of the decade of 2000?

You already know one: a velvet jacket with hood and pants, with a logo of Juicy Couture along with the bed extended for the loot (subtle, as we know it). Almost overnight, created a madness, and one of the most ubiquitous of the decade.

Now, thanks to the amount of people working from home due to the coronovirus, the iconic look of J. Lo is ready to return, both for its comfort as for its style. (Even the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, has set a couple of clothes during a running of the bulls in the United Kingdom Bottom of the tracksuit In Instagram)
J. Lo made his debut at the track in 2001, when it appeared in The video Bubblegum-Pink Sweat Shorts and a hoodie to match your simple “I’m Real”: a string of shiny gold, hoop earrings and a chignon of the first category. The well-known brand of casual, dress L. Juicy Couture, which was only 4 years old at the time, sent her to “relax and hang out” with the singer, as the singer recalled. Publications of Instagram In 2018.

But Glamazon loved both the outfit and decided to restore the royal robe that their stylists had brought to the set.

“It seemed appropriate, because the song is called ‘I’m Real’,” she wrote on Instagram. “Then I decided to be ME!”

JLO next to Jay Rule in the video “I’m Real”. Credit: Jennifer lopez

The choice was influenced by the execution of his music. The videos continued to grow: this was the era of Cisco “Song thong, “D’angelo”Untitled (How it sounds)“And Britney Spears”I am your slave, “To name just a few, and a tracksuit he didn’t shout quite ‘sexy’. But J. Lo wanted to show the world that he was just Jenny from the Block (that would be a great success a year later), and so the runners Their identity was found.

Soon became the uniform of choice for the artist. J. Lo used various iterations of pants during the decade, apart from a number of Peach combined with high heels and a cap style newspaper seller (remember?) At the stop “TRL” at MTV in New York in 2002. -Different Hughes? Terry Cloth is in Shaping Spree and Grosse Run, including another version of pink that used the then-boyfriend Ben Affleck.

A group of other celebrities did the same: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, names of principles of the decade of 2000. All of them adopted Juicy Couture as your look du jour, when they played with Ugg. Britney Spears went as far as to give his “maiden” to read your wedding dress, Pink Juicy Tracksuits for her wedding with Kevin Federline in 2004. The groom wore white clothes with the label “Pimps”.

The teens and mothers “modern” followed his example. Gail Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skeist-Levy stated “The plan of glitter: how we started Juicy Couture for $ 200 and turned it into a global brand” in all the books in 2003, when it earned $ 56 million in 2003. Tag sold. Won $ 200 million. The brand Closed In the u.s. stores in 2014, the pants are embroidered with rhinestones were still a thing in most suburban shopping malls, though never before.

Do you remember when the bra cone Madonna made her debut?

The great popularity of the track is quite appropriate given the culture of celebrities of the time. While J. Lo took the Velour Esthetic to show that she was just one of us, they were also years of the reality show, Hilton, and Nicole Richie “The Simple Life”.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (Kim was also great in Jucy Couture) was issued for the first time in 2007. The brand was the epitome of the status of girl genius, but also a luxurious life-style of luxury that is felt essentially Hollywood. He said: “I use lungi in any place, because I’m rich”. It is not surprising that many young women would like to emulate.

However, returning to the J. L. O. we Believe that in your most used outfits because it gives her a relaxed look (great (at that time, anyway). Which leads us to ask: what Was the athlete a trend even before inventing the athletics?

Juicy Couture has become one of the many fashion trends that we see with indifference, but also regret. However, his legacy ends. In 2015, he acquired the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. A version pink In a suit sporting original and juicy, solidifies his status as a garment defining of its era.
JLO A tracksuit is playing in 2019, while about to your set.

J. Lou is playing a tracksuit in 2019, as that is arrested in the sets of “Hustlers”. Credit: Raymond Hall / GC Image / Getty Images

In February 2018, the label returned to the Fashion Week of New York, with a show that took Vogue to announce: “Juicy Couture is enjoying fashion again”. The stylist famous Jamie Mizrahi named Creative Director in 2017 is Credit With the review and revitalization of the brand.

In recent years, Yeezy, Vetements, Gucci and Virgil Abloh Kanye West have become in hoodies and tracksuits velvet expensive, more proof that once you have a look, we are really Still underground in secret.

Or, in the case of J. Lo, we never stop loving him. Last year, the star was seen A juicy top game On the set of her latest movie “Hustlers”. Once a fan of the couture juicy, always a fan of the couture juicy.