How Kylie Jenner does not have a heart? What makes crisis of coronavirus and rain down the sticks


The decisions of Kylie Jenner, for good or for evil, does not pass unnoticed to anyone. No one is a stranger to what makes an entrepreneur and, for good or for bad, everyone wants to weigh in on the american. The last, a storm of criticism on social networks.

The socialite has surprised everyone by getting to buy, in the middle of the quarantine, an exclusive mansion valued at $ 43 million. But that is not the best, but has managed to save more than seven ‘kilos’, something that well demonstrates their arts in the negotiations.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

A property for a lifetime. Far from Calabassas, a place in which to reside their family members, it is one of the mansions best equipped of Hollywood, with cinema, gym, swimming pool and even a security booth.

But if you believed that such luxuries were few, you must know that the new house of Kylie Jenner has its own sports hall was illuminated, a basketball court, swimming pool with measures of competition, guest apartment with kitchen and living room, plus a huge garage to store your cars -other of his usual quirks-.

This super business has been harshly criticized in social networks not by the price, nor for the luxuries, not even for all those accommodations that might be unnecessary, but for the moment in which they are performed.

Many people understand that, due to the situation that the country lives, is not the best time to undertake this kind of business and that part of that money could help his community overcome the health crisis.

The socialite, who has not made statements on the issue, he continues to show his hand more skilful. Your money, your elegance and your success will continue allowing us to get to the highest levels ever imagined.