I like Lady Gaga!! Learn to lengthen your lashes in just one week


There is nothing better to show off those long eyelashes that you always wanted, now your dream can turn into reality by following these simple tricks.

There are natural treatments able to accelerate the growth of your eyelashes, to such an extent that will denture you’ll Be the envy of many and you will love the results!


Many know the properties of castor oil, which is able to grow hair where you you apply it and it always works. When combined with essential oil of vanilla you will speed up the growth and thickness of your eyelashes. You just have to combine them and aplicártelo in the evening prior to sleep, in the morning you will only need to remove it and in a few days you’ll see great results.

Czech how to grow your eyelashes in a week


Chamomile is also known for its properties of growth, you only have to prepare as if you were to make a tea. In a cup of boiling water, add the sachet of chamomile tea and leave it there until the water is relieved a little. Then remove the teabag and let it finish the cool down to begin to apply. It is not necessary that you rinse this infusion.


The petroleum jelly you will use it just like the castor oil, you have to aplicártela in the night before sleep and remove it in the morning with plenty of water. So if at home you have vaseline I take advantage of it to lengthen your lashes!

Czech how to grow your eyelashes in a week

Now that you know some tricks home and natural to grow your eyelashes don’t use them! Your results will be amazing.