“I miss you”: Ariana Grande yearns for one of his dancers, is There anything else that work?


The singer Ariana Grande strange their presentations in front of thousands of fans, but it seems that one of her admirers secrets, which form a part of their team of dancers, is the one who needs it more than ever. And she told him that misses him! Look at the video.

Before the times, as well as several other singers, Ariana Grande was forced to suspend his concerts.

Even so, the relationship with more than 180 million followers is still intact through the social networks of the singer. It is covered up for posting! Ariana Grande does not lose the glamour or enclosed in four walls.

But in the last few hours, the artist was claimed by one of his dancers and in the best way.

More commonly known as Bong Buño, posted a video with Ariana Grande for one of their shows: while she accommodates the long hair, he danced behind her and look at her without ceasing. She told him that misses him!

“You extrañooo. I need to get the shot the next time or we need more cameras because… you will be dancing”, commented the american. What will you tell your boyfriend Dalton Gomez?