I spent it all!! Margot Robbie confessed an incredible anecdote about his role in hit movie


Despite that today Margot Robbie it is considered one of the great stars of Hollywood, at the beginning of his career it was not easy for your first steps in the cinema and this is shown by the anecdote that revealed recently.

The actress australian made famous by his well-remembered role of Naomi in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”, where he stole the hearts of all, and since then his career has not done more to take it off.

However the great opportunity of the personality for co-starring in a production of popularity was with “Focus”, a tape that was next to Will Smith in 2014, a year after his work with Leonardo DiCaprio, and this time everything went wrong.

Recently the celebrity 29-year-old explained what happened after the hearing in this production, because after it took a flight to a nearby island to Croatia and then it all started to go wrong.

Does your surprise? They called shortly after arriving to the destination in europe and you indicated to the model that should be as soon as possible, otherwise, he would give him the role of Jess Barrett to another actress more and after 56 hours of flight and very little sleep, came to the united States.

However Margot Robbie he learned that his luggage had been lost, so they continued with their plans and found a way of getting to the studio to make the first essay of “Focus”, only that Will Smith appeared several hours after the scheduled time.

A few years ago the own nominated the Prize Oscar had insulted the actor, what at first was thought to be a sample of their great trust between both of you, but you could have this background.