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The 2008, Marvel Studios he began his movie universe with the movie Iron Manto whom Robert Downey Jr. took the responsibility of embodying. Since that first tape, one of the great credentials of Tony Stark, the man behind the superhero, was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the age of 17, but that seems to have no sense.

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Considered one of the pillars of how to tell an origin story, Iron Man set the tone for all the films in the Movie Universe of Marvel that we know today. One of the most striking elements in the development of the film is the video that gives an account of the life of Tony Stark: his childhood, how he lost his parents and his relationship with Obadiah at stane (Jeff Bridges), in addition to emphasis on his intelligence and his impressive academic record.

As a young man, Tony Stark did not have a good relationship with his father. With the time only discovered who he really was Howard Stark (Photo: Marvel Studios)
As a young man, Tony Stark did not have a good relationship with his father. With the time only discovered who he really was Howard Stark (Photo: Marvel Studios)


One of the highest achievements of Tony Stark he was graduated summa cum laude from MIT when he was barely 17 years old. This fact is one that defines the character of Marvel and gives a sample of his great intelligence, however, there is a problem: the MIT does not grant honors graduation in Latin or in any language. Apparently, the prestigious institution in Cambridge, has this policy to discourage students to engage in competitions of academics or use academic degrees for their own satisfaction.

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As well, the background story of Iron Man is crumbling because the MIT seems that, if you were able to enter such an institution, they trust that you will be efficient enough to pass the courses and graduate. That allows its students to concentrate on their own work and not in the other.


Why, then, did Marvel told us about the history of Iron Man this way? The explanation most relevant and simple is that it was just a slip of the writers and producers of the film. Marvel Studios and Marvel Comicsunlike DC, they tend to base their stories using locations of the real-life and historical events in order to achieve greater empathy with the public, but that does not save you from committing some inaccuracies.

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To be fair, the Marvel are not the only ones to make an error referred to the MIT in your movies. In The Recruit 2003, James Douglas Clayton (Colin Farrell) supposedly graduated from MIT as a “valedictorian”, while Contact 1997 presented to Eleanor Arroway (Jodie Foster) as a magna cum laude graduate of MIT, both degrees that the institution does not grant.


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