James Charles is sincere about his fight with Tati Westbrook


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    Have spent a few 80 years 6 months from that Tati Westbrook launched the cold war against its former friend of the soul, James Charles. Both youtuber, great friends a long time ago, ended their relationship and, since then, have not returned to address the word. Although James Charles told her all truth and tried to defend the accusations in a video of 41 minutes, the call `cancel culture he ended up with his reputation, and even lead to its provisional withdrawal of Youtube.

    And, although a while after he announced his return with one of their makeup more `top and until it raises to found her own brand of makeup, things have not turned out to be the same for James. The youtuber has been opened in the canal with Paper magazine and confesses that six months after the drama, has not been able to trace.

    James Charles confesses that nothing has turned out to be the same since his fight with Tati Westbrook

    Of all the dramas that circulate through the `jet set Youtube, the of James Charles and Tati Westbrook it is, without a doubt, the most lasting. In fact, the youtuber confesses to follow by noting the consequences of that, even having passed half a year.

    I’m not mentally in the place that I have to be. What is more difficult to assimilate is that six months have passed since it produced the drama and thought that, for that moment, I would be all settled and back to normal. But no, this is not the case,” he told Paper. “We are entering dangerously on a point of cyberbullying, hate and cancel culture each time more strong. I myself am a prey to all this. Thankfully, I was surrounded by my closest friends and my family, which took care of me every day, to the middle of the night… I watched every 10 minutes to check that I wasn’t doing anything that I could regret“it concluded.