Jennifer Aniston forgives her father for abandoning her when she was a girl


The american actress Jennifer Aniston he forgave his father, John Anistonafter several years of carrying a relationship “complicated”, due to the supposed abandonment of the actor during the childhood of the famous, as he has spoken to the media on different occasions.

A source close to the father of the artist, 51-year-old, revealed to the british newspaper The Mail on Sundaythat they have been reconciled, as the actress of “Friends” he has reflected during the confinement imposed by the pandemic coronavirus.

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“Jen forgave his dad for leaving a long time ago, but their relationship has had ups and downs,” said the source, who remained anonymous; however, the newspaper described her as “a veteran soap star”.

“Jennifer didn’t speak to him for years, but since the crisis of the coronavirus that she has been talking on the phone almost every day and not just brief conversations,” he said, “it Is as if it had been realized that life is very short and you want your relationship with John is the best and he is delighted to have been reconciled”, he concluded.

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Meanwhile, Jennifer complies with the policies of insulation and is immersed in the project beneficial to All In an initiative that began with the actor Leonardo DiCaprioin the one who called his followers to donate money in contribution to the global pandemic.

The star of televsión will auction off the opportunity to be a part of the recording of the meeting of the television series “Friends”, as announced on Instagram.