Jennifer Lawrence: the biggest young star in Hollywood, he breaks his break and comes back threefold


The last time that Jennifer Lawrence (29) burst onto the big screen was in June of 2019. Between negative reviews and poor results at the box office, X-Men: Dark Phoenix he made his debut in the cinemas the first week of this month, offering its fourth and final interpretation as Mystique, your second character has more mass then the Katniss Everdeen saga The hunger games.

But, in addition, the arrival of the Marvel superhero movie provided his last role in a film after that it decide to pause your career as an actress at the beginning of 2018, a little respite after such titles as Mother! and Passengers –which gender are more critical, failing to praise– and to sustain a hectic pace since its debut in the cinema in 2008, with up to three tapes, which premiered during some years; perhaps the cost –and also the cause– of enshrinement as the greatest star of his generation, Oscar’s included The good side of things.


The second winning over a young man in the story gives the Academy ended its recess to half of last year with a new shoot, but what is concrete and definitely opens up new paths in his career during 2020. Once again yesterday it was confirmed his participation in his first film along with Netflix, the comedy Don’t look up. Following the path of nearly all Hollywood stars –from Meryl Streep to Amy Adams, and Chris Hemsworth, the actress will debut during this year in a film with the company of streaming, but in addition will have its first role is eminently comic.

If well-known are its outputs of the libretto in public events, Lawrence here will assume the role of an astronaut who alongside her partner work, you must convince mankind that a meteor will destroy the Earth. A starting point in which you can function well the director involved, Adam McKay, who before winning the Oscar with the satire The big bet and to participate in the pilot and produce the acclaimed HBO series Succession, did next to Will Ferrell from The reporter: the legend of Ron Burgundy to Half-siblings.

Operation Red Sparrow.

In his new stage of filmmaker prestigious Lawrence could play the role as the new ally favorite. Although it has no date of shooting (Don’t look up will begin recording in April and hopes to reach during this year), the couple was already engaged from before to make Bad blood, biopic about Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the fraudulent company Theranos, which was portrayed in the HBO documentary The inventor: Out for flood in Silicon Valley.

Probably before the end clarified the future of that project, the actress Scandal american will be in the skin of another real-life character. It is of Arlyne Brickman, a reporter of the mafia born in 1934, which was a couple of gangsters in popularity of New York and it ended up being a key informant of the police. The director Paolo Sorrentino (The great beautywill direct a version on the big screen of the book that tells his story, Mob girl: A woman’s life in the underworld, and promises to deliver a different point of view to a genre as particularly masculine as the tapes of mobsters.


For now without a franchise in sight, as in his previous decade in that a good part of his time took roles in million dollar productions, Lawrence also will seal his return to the independent film, the cradle that gave him his break into stardom in 2011 with the film Blood ties, the first of its nominations at the Oscars. In the opera prima of the director Lila Neugebauer, without a title yet and filmed in mid-2019, the actress plays a soldier who returns home with post-traumatic stress after suffering an injury in Afghanistan.

The drama is produced by the acclaimed studio A24 (Lady Bird, Uncut gems) and should be released during this year, with Lawrence once again on the radar of the awards. Settling well in season of awards and reap the accolades, the performer could aspire to his fifth nomination to the awards of the Academy at the age of 30, which meets in August. A demonstration of affection perhaps inevitable in front of the reunion with one of their figures, free.