Jennifer Lopez shows you how is your curly hair natural during the confinamie


This confinement is taking also a positive part, where the celebrities help us to bring it in the best way possible with a huge list of tasks to take advantage of the days in the key of tutorials for makeup, challenges of Tik Tok and a list of routines sport to exercise the whole body. But, it is also serving to show us her more natural, to coincide all that is the best time to take care of our skin and hair, letting them breathe in all that we can.

For this reason, the use of the tools of heat is converted into the first council of expertswhat we are leaving you the opportunity to know how is the mane without filters famous as Cristina Pedroche, and now Jennifer Lopez. The artist has added to this natural tendency, leaving to one side your hair smooth which has accustomed us to show us how is your enviable mane curly, with maxi volume.

Without extensions, or excess of product, the actress has shown a mane by the height of the shoulders with a curl very marked, that calls attention to your volume from root to tips. A look of confinement perfect for moving to the street, that you comb your hair with a quiff to play slightly to the side, and taking advantage of that curl. The result? A style eighties very flattering that confirms that Jennifer Lopez there are few things that will resist. And you feel bad.