Karol G reveals that he was concerned to Nicki Minaj during the recording of ‘Tusa’ | Music


If there is anything certain in this life is that no one is saved from the fever of the Tusa. Karol G and Nicki Minaj have given birth to one of the biggest hits of the year and, with permission, from the decade, that has become a hymn of defiance and fun in every party.

There are already more than 627 million reproductions that meets on Youtube, a figure we are sure that it will not cease to increase in a long time. Men, women, boys, girls, elderly, elderly women. The Tusa does not understand the differences!

But although Karol G takes the authorship of this theme, its success would not have been possible without the collaboration of Nicki Minaj. The famous verse of “I made toro this crying for nara” has been internationalized and now everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his stanza for gritarlo. Of course not everything is gold that glitters.

The colombian has confessed in an interview with LOS40 Argentina, this was one of the biggest concerns of the rapper. During the recording of the video clip, Nicki revealed to our protagonist that was striving to speak the verse correctlybut never got. Karol explains that, during the filming of her video clip, and after having recorded the part of Nicki, the rapper continued to perfected. “I said he tried to learn the chorus in Spanish to sing it but that made it very difficult,” says our protagonist.

What she was unaware of is that your sentence would become the most sung, shouted and awaited for millions of people around the world. For Bad Bunny and the boys Elite! “Neither she nor I think that that phrase was going to cause what it has caused in so many people,” says Karol.

Now, both have become two of the artists most listened to at the international level. There is not a day that goes by without a new version of this theme that already pervades all the digital platforms. There is No human being that can dodge this phenomenon, and there is no song that can surpass it.

And you, have you counted all the times that you’ve heard Tusa? As it continues to do so because they will not be the only ones. But if you put in the song…