Kate Beckinsale says that things in Hollywood are complicated for women, but also for Ben Affleck


Many actresses of the industry have some story about the fact that they are asked to adelgacen, or perform certain physical change for a role, in particular. Apparently, Kate Beckinsale it is not an exception. In a recent interview with Healththe star admitted that yes he saw a positive side in your step “Pearl Harbor” … At least no one asked him to change his smile!

Beckinsale he has spoken before about how the director Michael Bayresponsible for the ribbon of the war, made a few comments unfortunate. In 2016, on their way through a tv show, the actress said that Bay had said that it was not so attractive as to “to alienate the female audience“. Previously, the filmmaker had stated before MovieLine that “not want someone too beautiful“ that women “they are disturbed”.

Beckinsale also revealed in the program of the Norton instructed him to do exercise and lose weight for the role, despite the fact that his character was a nurse in a time of war that probably didn’t have much free time to go to Pilates. In his interview with Healthreturned to to mention the situation, but revealed the reason that he did not feel too despised by the comment.

No it was great, made me feel not well, and in general, I think women are ashamed of the body 100 million percent more than men. But in this particular project, I was not”. However, his co-star Ben Affleck who really had to change his aesthetic to suit the preference of the director. “Ben had already made a film with the director, said: ‘This happened to me’. I did get new teeth’, “ said Beckinsale in the middle.

And I said, ‘Great, at least I can keep my real teeth‘ ” joked the actress. In the commentary on the DVD of Armageddon, Bay said the production paid $ 20,000 for that Affleck I had new teeth in the 1998 film. The reason was that the teeth of the actor was as “that a boy” and did not conform to the jacks “heroic” that you were required to do for the film. To learn more about the actress, we recommend this other item.