Kate Beckinsale, to the 46 years, shows hot body in beach mexican


The actress Kate Beckinsale you are on vacation in the beaches mexican of Los Cabos and I do not hesitate to share, your social networks, photos showing your journey and your curves by wearing a bikini.

The protagonist of the saga “Underworld”, its 46 years, shows you that you can have a body well-worked without that age is an impediment to look good.

In the snapshot we can see the british with a bikini of two pieces, one of them with leopard print, and wearing high heels (in all photos) no matter who was in the arena.

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The last of the publications where it is shown in a bathing suit is about 200 thousand likes, only it was accompanied with a description thanking you for your stay at one of the hotels of the Baja California peninsula, between the comments you can read, “you look amazing”, “I was on the ropes taking a breather, it is an amazing and beautiful place”.

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The actress also took the time to have a little fun and even uploaded a picture where you see a person, maybe a friend, coming out of a tunnel of sand.

“If Jonny makes a tunnel at 20 feet, I left a palette,” he wrote.

The actress tape as “Pearl Harbor,” “Van Helsing”, “Whiteout”, was regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world and so has left to see in the photos.

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The british film “Farming”, is the last work cinematrográfico of Beckinsale and the next year will be busy, because it will be part of the cast of the films as a “Jolt”, along with Stanley Tucci, and “The Fool”, alongside Adrien Brody.