Kate Beckinsale wore a bikini on Instagram and fell to those who called him “old” by using it


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Is there an age limit to wear a bikini and taken pictures for sexy? Given that the body of the other should not be a matter of public domain, there is an obvious answer to this cuestionante: NO

However, the taboos that insist in staying in certain sectors, and so he lived in the flesh the actress Kate Beckinsale, 46 years of age.

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As a public figure, Beckinsale shares a lot of photographs in a bathing suit, and although no longer surprised to receive all kinds of comments for this reason, in most of their publications can be read praised for her spectacular figure. Many will even ask for advice of diet and exercise.

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In a smaller proportion, the actress of Underworld deals for your own walk with the trolls and haters. In specific, Kate replied to one of them very directly when he attempted to minimize his sensuality hinting that “he was already very old” for a bikini top:

“User: I am sorry that you are having a crisis of mid-life or something like that.

Kate: oh! Perhaps it’s because you’re an annoying idiot”.

The “troll” did not stay still and attempt to appeal to her radiant youth in the following replication:


“User: at least I have eyes very green, and my youth.

Kate: yeah, sweetie, at least you have that. Kisses”.

While the celebrities are aware that their photos can come to the corner the more random of the planet, it is a fact implied that only they decide (as everyone) how much to share on their social networks.


In turn, it is a reality that dealing with bad comments day-to-day, and while the general philosophy is to just let it go, it does not mean that they can’t lash out against his critics once in a while.

It could be said that the interpreter of “Selene”, fell to their “nemesis” in epic form: not only can it boast a figure that anyone would want at the age of 46, but left it for granted that the limits on the use of garments, corresponds only to the people who are going to pallets.


To finish off your message around the theme body positive, Kate replied to other comments of his photographs with a reflection on the “thinking hater”:

Are you aware that when you have the need to accuse someone of something (especially someone who doesn’t know) the only thing you manage is to reveal something about you?


It didn’t end there, Kate spoke later of the power of individuality and how dangerous it is to use it to attack without foundations:

(To criticize) you will feel more powerful, but you’ll get to your own top of an unstable, without merits of his own, or boldness to do that remember your name in a good manner.

What do you think of the position of Kate?, how do you manage the critical networks within your own accounts? It tell us in the comments!

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