Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, in crisis, in full pregnancy of the singer and for the quarantine


Sources close to the couple confirmed that they are going through a bad time as a result of the quarantine Source: THE NATION – Credit: GROSBY GROUP

In spite of the excellent news of the pregnancy of the singer, it is certain that

Katy Perry


Orlando Bloom

are not going through a good sentimental moment. As reported by People magazine, people close to the couple revealed that

the period of quarantine has affected them,

and that

not coexist well under the same roof


“Considering everything that is happening with the




are stable”, they clarified in the beginning, and then confirm the versions that were circulating of a crisis. “This is very stressful for them as it is for everyone, but in addition

spend the whole day together, and are not accustomed to that,

always worked best with races separate and not to be one above the other on a daily basis,” added a source.

On the other hand, Katy is very anxious to live out a pregnancy in this context. “You have concerns, is first-time mom and now everything is so uncertain, but both are very excited”, they informed.

Orlando and Katy, a few days ago that making purchases with all the necessary precautions Source: THE NATION – Credit: GROSBY GROUP

The singer

announced that she was pregnant at the beginning of march

and in a very particular way: by showing his tummy for the first time at the end of the video of his single “Never Worn White”. The little time she shared the news that she would give birth to a baby girl. “Let’s just say that it is a revelation. I am excited, we are excited and happy. Oh, my God, I’m so happy to have finally told,” said Perry on their social networks.

In terms of Bloom, the actor

Pirates of the Caribbean

as he is the father of Flynn, the small one of 9 years, fruit of his relationship with his ex-wife, the model Miranda Kerr. “I really want to enjoy family and friends, to my beautiful son, and having more children”,

I was telling the interpreter in the past year

the magazine

Man About Town.

“The day I am boarding in that plan I want to be sure that my heart is full and that I have a clear view to accept what that change means, and not see it as a romantic notion and part of a relationship”, he said.

Perry and Orlando started their romance in 2015, in February 2017, publicly announced their separation, but months later they reconciled.

The February 14, 2019, in full celebration of Valentine’s day

, are committed.

In regards to the wedding

the organization itself was put on pause for the consequences of the pandemic that is gripping the world.