Katy Perry looks ADORABLE costume during your pregnancy, it Trembles COVID-19!


Katy Perry turns to be the trend social networks when you share a promotional video of what is to be seen in the reality show American Idol during the quarantine by Coronavirusas the famous singer of “Fireworks” and a couple of Orlando Bloomhe did not hesitate to use a cute costume to raise awareness to their fans about how to make things in the program of competitions.

The video in a matter of minutes already surpassed 727 thousand 187 reproductions along with 145 thousand 22 I like in Instagramas the faithful admirers of the celebrity american, found more than adorable its way to publicize the new program of contests and also invite your fans to not miss the first airing during the quarantine by Coronavirus at home.

  • “In #AmericanIdol we keep it fresh and CLEAN! Tune in to the first episode of our homes tonight at 8 / 7c [email protected] It depends on of you reduce us to our top 10! And I will be live on Facebook at 4:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm ET so we can get to the day before the transmission of the east coast!”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

There is No doubt that the guard house by the pandemic COVID-19 has caused problems to many people, being Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom part of the affected by the long, who have gone from not being able to go back to their routines related to the world of entertainment since the arrival of his daughter has been the most important in protecting and perform all the care during the pregnancy of the singer.

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Various sources of information such as The Nation, have commented that the couple of celebrities also have difficulties with sentimental, as close friends has them, would have revealed that Orlando Bloom and the new mom are not accustomed to sharing so much time together, which would give rise to a crisis during the quarantine period.

Although none of this has been clarified by the same celebrities, Katy Perry decided to remain active in us social networks, giving insight into the ventad of their fashion products, promote their catalog of songs and continue with their special participation in American Idol; while their faithful fans will follow the slope of the news of her pregnancy and relationship with the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.