Katy Perry never “forget” the challenges of her unusual pregnancy

Katy Perry is honest about some of the challenges more unexpected it has had to face during your pregnancy and in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

The singer Katy Perry is convinced that she will never “forget” this process of gestation in which it is plunged to debut in the maternity along with your fiance Orlando Bloombut not just because it’s her first pregnancy, and because, certainly, suppose a key moment in the life forever.
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And that is that no one will deny that the world passes through times unpublished because of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus and, more concretely, by a situation of confinement home that many still do not just get used to it.

Katy Perry will never forget her unusual pregnancy

During his last interview with Ryan Seacrest, presenter of the program American Idol in which the california-based exercises of a judge, the star of the pop he acknowledged that he is facing a series of challenges that he never thought he would experience, as the fact of not be able to satisfy some of your cravings because of the restrictions that have been applied to public life.

“I think that there are a lot of things that I am especially grateful these days, obviously, but I also have certain whims of pregnant that I can not meet right now”he confessed.

“Many exciting things are going to happen this summer [incluida su boda con el intérprete]. The truth is that I’m never going to forget what we are living today”.

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