Kim Kardashian decides to take a vacation of their children


Kim Kardashian is enjoying a few days alone in her house, taking a break as a mother. The queen of the clan most famous on the planet, has been left alone after her husband, Kanye West has gone on a trip with their children, because the influencer was surpassing the work as a mother.

The youth is little accustomed to be 24 hours a day with their childrenand despite the fact that, in principle, assured through his Twitter account that he was thrilled to be able to spend 24 hours a day next to the small, it is certain that for it has been a stressful job.

The entrepreneur is accustomed to working outside the home, meeting in assembly and other work activities carried out in their day-to-day, for that reason, I needed a break and a few days for her, without children.

Kim Kardashian has been able to enjoy what most families may not be: a break from the kids. Has been her husband, Kanye West, the that to please his wife has taken his children to travel and so Kim has been able to be enjoying your home aloneand the peace of mind that they normally do not have.

“You have a turn to take care of the children,” a source told People magazine a few days ago, doing to see that the couple is not living together during the quarantine, perhaps for rest of children. “It is a big chaos with all the kids at home. Kanye usually escapes to his office for work breaks”added this source to the well-known magazine. Therefore, Kim Kardashian will be able to enjoy these days of a loneliness that yearned for since the beginning of the quarantine.