Kim Kardashian finally explains how your relationship is with her sister Kourtney


The lawsuit

The discussion was started by a comment from Kim about the lack of professional ethics of their sisters, referring to Kourtney and Kylie Jennerthe latter just cancel your participation in an event of Balmain due to a throat infection which ended up being hospitalized.

Kris Jenner he turned then to Kim and offered him 400 thousand dollars in cash in exchange for the hiked up that same night to a private jet and fly to Paris to replace his little sister. But the most famous of the clan rejected the offer and said in the presence of Kourtney, Khloé and Kendall I was fed up of loaded with responsibilities that you were not eligible.

“I could be on my death bed, and even so I would to work. And mom knows. Is accustomed to that Khloé and I keep going, even though we’re dying,” he said to annoyance of the question.

“You act as if I don’t make a mi**da”, reproached him for Kourtney, clearly furious. “You’ve ridden that story in your head… and I’ll kill you if you say something like that. Let Me cu** to work and, although I would not like and decided to stay home with my children, I would also be in my right to do so, im**cil”.

From there the tension was on the rise until they came to blows, which included a bottle thrown to the face, kicking, scuffling, slaps, and threats.