Kim Kardashian teaches about the Armenian Genocide to their millions of followers on the 105th anniversary


The well-known Kim Kardashian, entrepreneur, actress, model and one of the most famous people in the world, published a series of messages to his millions of followers about the Armenian Genocide in the 105th anniversary.

Kim Kardashian West is the 7th person with the most followers in the world in Instagram (more than 166 million), and is the 13th figure with more followers on Twitter (over 63 million).

“Today is the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and I’m very proud that the united States has recognized. I want to share with you some poems written for the grandchildren of survivors of genocide” he said on Twitterby reference to the reaffirmation of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the u.s. Congress in December of 2019, a project promoted by the ANCA (Armenian National Committee of America) that Kardashian supported publicly. On Twitter, recommended the album “The Serpent and The Crane” by Alan Semerdjian with the guitarist of Vancouver Aram Bajakian, and a video artist Kevork Mourad.

In Instagram, on the other hand, published a series of stories with explicit photos of the genocide and echoed the historical phrase of Adolf Hitler during a speech to the commanders of the Wehrmacht at his home in Obersalzberg on 22 August 1939, a week before the German invasion of Poland: “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the armenians?”. Finally, Kim Kardashian left a message: “Today, we remember the Armenian Genocide to any race, religion or group is subject to something like that ever again.”