Kylie Jenner collided with his figure dressed in “bunny”


The businesswoman and socialite Kylie Jenner, a native of Los Angeles, California, united States, and who has also become social networks in a successful and much-admired sex symbol, surprise now with her figure in the dress of “bunny”.

Kyllie Jenner is followed by millions of people in different countries of the world, and they always surprise with their publications. This time is no exception, and now the impact when you show your silhouette characterized as “bunny”.


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In the picture you post on Instagram is featured wearing some big ears golden and wears a nude dress.

Happy easter beautiful’, ‘you’re beautiful’, ‘You beautiful,’ ‘Girl, lights espectácular’, are some of the comments that you make with Kylie, after seeing your new image.

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Kylie Jenner continues to reap successes at his young age, already has at 22 years of age is converted in a young person winning to be owner of an emporium of beauty called Kylie Cosmetics.


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Forbes magazine just name it the multi-billion dollar younger (made by herself) to the world, for the second consecutive year.

Kylie now has a fortune of around a billion dollars and been done with your cosmetics firm a success that she never might imagined that I would get.

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