Kylie Jenner takes advantage of discount and purchase expensive residence

Kylie Jenner he acquired a lavish mansion valued at 36.5 million dollars. According to People, the property is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Holmby Hills in Los Angeles and was finished building in August 2019.

The socialite took advantage of a discount on the mansion, because their original price was nearly 46 million.

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The resort boasts seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and 20 parking spaces.

According to TMZ, who were the first to give the information, the new acquisition of the u.s. for 22 years, is comprised of a single plant and has a projection screen, outdoor home theater, bar, game rooms, a gym and a sports court to practice basketball.

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The purchase comes two years after the daughter of Kris Jenner he sold one of his houses that had a value of 6.7 million.

Until the moment it is not known whether the mansion will be occupied by Kylie Jenner, or will use it as a source of income.


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