Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner lands in exclusive in Douglas


Comes to Douglas the new and long awaited unique brand Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner, whose mission is to bring your personal routine of skin care to its customers through products that are affordable, safe and effective that can be used by women and men of any age.

Thus, the vision of Kylie is to educate, inspire and equip a generation of young people with a mantra of self-care and a range of cosmetics that will be part of your daily life over many years.

Its range is formed by a Cleansing foam facialon the basis of seed oil kiwi; Facial scrub walnutwith a cocktail of anti-inflammatory ingredients; Facial moisturizer, which includes a light combination of ingredients that hydrate the skin without a trace of fat; Eye creamwith a formula made of caffeine, green tea, vitamin E and extracts of pomegranate; Vanilla milk toningthat helps replenish the appearance of the skin; and Serum vitamin C, composed of ingredients that brighten and improve the overall health of the skin .

Kylie Jenner created from scratch their line of cosmetics Kylie Skin, throwing her first collection on the 22nd of may 2019. The products are not tested on animals, contain no gluten, are vegan, no sulfates or parabens and dermatologically tested.