Liam Hemsworth reappears become his brother, Chris Hemsworth after their last physical change


The life of Liam Hemsworth changed dramatically after his separation from Miley Cyrus. And that is, after 10 years of relationship intermittent the couple married in December of 2018 but only 8 months later, in August of 2019, the marriage broke up.

Since then the actor of ‘The hunger games’ has been held in his hometown together with his family, and without making statements about his private life.

Have been a few months complicated for Liam who has confessed has focused on the exercise to maintain your mental balance: “Honestly, these last six months, to keep the head in place and balance the exercise has been very important to me,” she says to the magazine Men’s Health.

Now, the australian has already surpassed this stage of your life and the fruits of these months of dedicated exercise are very noticeable, so much so that has experienced a physical change important coming to be at the level of the very Thor.

Liam has starred in a photo shoot for the australian version of Men’s Health and we can see the great physical resemblance with his brother Chris Hemsworth. Who is the strongest now of the two?

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