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Ands one of the singers who knew how to position within the taste of the public, recently won 3 Grammy Awards; condecorándose as one of the artists most successful and respected of the pop scene. Lizzo managed to be heard despite not having the standards of beauty that the music industry requires, it neutralized these strict canons of beauty.

managed to defend the right of women to the project safety and magnetism
regardless of its size

In one of his last appearances the young man was surprised more than a wizard, as she
well knows how to do. During the Brit awards 2020, Lizzo gave the whole soul
to sing one of his simple most successful ‘Good as hell’, a song that will
it was the return to the music industry.

little of the life of this young singer

Melissa Viviane
Jefferson, simply known as Lizzo, was born in the united States in 1988. It is
a singer and rapper american. He acquired his stage name during the
high school, inspired by the song “Izzo (H. O. V. A.)” from the rapper Jay-Z.

In 2019, Lizzo began to gain notoriety thanks to his track “Juice”,
that was his first song to enter the Billboard Hot 100. It also launched its
third album, Cuz I Love You, that managed to position six on the Billboard 200.
Thanks to a meme TikTok, the single “Truth Hurts”, originally released
in 2017, it became a success by achieving the number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Lizzo is
a woman of 31 years that is the example
perfect for those who don’t rest until you reach your goal even if it may seem
late and be tired.

And today it dazzles us
in our cover.