Lizzo thrilled with this version of a song from Harry Styles


Lizzo and Harry Styles have a lot to talk in recent daysand not because of their performance at the Brit Awards, which became one of the most special of the evening. And is that, in addition to carrying out actions that are spectacular when they come together, they are also able to do incredible things when they swap songs.

Last December, Harry Styles took the first step and performed a very personal rendition of ‘Juice’one of the most successful tracks of Lizzo. And not only sang their song, but also demonstrated publicly his admiration for the singer, making some statements very emotional about the singer: “She is exactly what you want to be an artist,” he said at the time.

There is No doubt that between the two artists there is a deep admiration and a mutual respect they do not hesitate to show it to the world. And on this occasion, has been Lizzo which he returned the tribute to your friend.

Lizzo was decided to carry by surprise a spectacular version in acoustic of one of the greatest hits of Harry Styles from his new stage and the new album. The singer, become one of the most relevant artists of the landscape current music, award-winning recently with 3 awards, ‘Grammy’, she chose neither more nor less than ‘Adore You’.

Of course, Lizzo gave it your personal touch, doing a cover song on acoustic that has excited fans of both artists. The singer performed his song, that he even went to modify the letter by making a loving nod to his great friend, and that is that he changed a part of the verse that says “Oh Honey” by adding a “Oh Harry”, a nice detail that demonstrates the beautiful relationship that they maintain.

The cover of the artist have been applauded by fans of the british and now they ask for both make a collaboration. What will be the realization of that desire?