Loves Cannibals: Stupid and sensual Momoa…


While more you use it, it is curious how Netflix changed the images headband display available content. Through its algorithm predicts which image is the more attractive to the user, which is most suited to your interests, although the catch is not representative of the film and leads to surprises, both good and bad. This I step with The Bad Batch (2016, titled in English as: Loves Cannibals).

Looking for the platform I was struck by the image of a young girl in what seemed like a high desert country with waste and fund the good Jason Momoa shirtless on a motorcycle, and well, here I am…what more could you ask.

Launched in 2016, starts with the exile of the girl (Suky Waterhouse) that is left to its fate in the middle of the desert of Texas, although it was previously marked with a tattoo behind his ear with some kind of serial number that I imagine will prevent you from re-entering (wherever it was expelled) and there begins the issue with this film has divided the audience, if you want explanations of where it is expelled this people, as it is found so easy in the middle of the desert, where electricity comes out or if you in truth have sewerage services, you’ll have to accept that that reality is so and do not ask more. If you are a regular consumer of worlds distópicos’ll be able to fill these spaces with all of the information that is already in your head, otherwise, the way things are and stop asking. The same thing happens with the characters, do not know because they do things, where to go, how they came there, but still can not stop looking at them because you have to see that everything ends.

With the participations of Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, Giovanni Ribisi and Diego Luna, going in and out of the frame (very simple) without any explanation, quivering in the way of a girl without an arm or a leg (not I can tell you that is what you are looking for or I tell you literally everything)someone came to me to say while talk of this movie if he had not dreamed of, and I think in the end I would describe it best, it’s a dream, because the end seemed like an end, is the beginning of another story that may never be told.

What I liked? Yes, would you recommend it? I have No idea. How Jason Momoa was without a shirt on? Absolutely yes, beautiful throughout the film I can not say the same of his cuban accent. Although I think you also see Jim Carrey worth… if you log in.

Already had time to Netflix I was tempted with this film, and I remember the first few times I put pictures of the girl being mutilated and then rough types doing weights style Miami, and after the scene where the girl already without tips comes out to escape on a skateboard. At the end with what I caught was a photo of Khal Drogo without a shirt on. The detail is that in the future I will put more attention on change as these curious cintillas exhibition. Who’s to say that see the billboard of Netflix would be a trip of introspection. What causes the stupid and sensual Momoa…

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