Lucero tells the romantic story of the phrase “Until I did that, Tony”

The lives of Hugo Lopez-Gatell and Arantxa Colchero Aragonés it is crossed from several decades ago when they were students whose theses were dedicated with love and gratitude. His passion for medicine and research were other factors that completed what at that time seemed like the perfect relationship.

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“You Arantxa, a step more together” were the words that filled a blank page of the thesis Hugo Lopez-Gatell, current Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion in the Secretariat of Health of Mexico. In 2001, the doctor aspired to a graduate to obtain the degree of Master in Medical Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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But since July of 1996, the couple of specialists in epidemiology left the first footprints of your love, because Arantxa Colchero Aragonés dedicated to Hugo his thesis with this sentence: “To Hugo, my partner, for sharing with so much hope this work”. With this research, also holds a phd in International Health was looking for the qualification as a degree in Economics.

thesis arantxa colchero thesis hugo lopez gatell


Its so romantic love story was born when they were both college students. Since then, it can be noted that López-Gatell he was a man romantic and retailer with Arantxa Colchero, who corresponded with the same love and dedication.

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The academic progress of Arantxa and Hugo it was notorious. Both became scholars in medicine with postgraduate courses and research papers published within and outside the country and, in addition, characters are of utmost importance in the development of Mexico. While she has focused on issues of overweight, obesity, and diabetes (he proposed the tax increase on sugary drinks), he devoted himself to the control of pandemics and epidemiology (he proposed the clear labeling of products).

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Hugo Lopez-Gatell and Arantxa Colchero Aragones have posted jobs on set, one of them is called “Severe Respiratory Disease Concurrent with the Circulation of H1N1 Influenza”. Always together, the doctor Hugo Lopez-Gatell and the doctor Arantxa Colchero Aragonés they had worked shoulder to shoulder in the fight for the health of the country.

On Friday night, the daily EMEEQUIS published a letter in which Arantxa Colchero he confessed that from a year ago, is separated from Hugo Lopez-Gatell after more than 25 years together. The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion convirtó in the face in front of the fight against the coronavirus and Covid-19 in the office of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Also read: Arantxa Colchero reveals that it is separated from Hugo López-Gatell

Arantxa Colchero Aragonés is sister of the also economist and actress Ana Colchero and Patricia Colcherocoordinator , Information and Studies of the National System of Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents.

Until the time, López-Gatell has not emitidio comments on the statements of Arantxa, his still wife. Also read: She is Arantxa Colchero Aragonés, the wife of Hugo Lopez-Gatell

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