Luis Suarez assumed his abundant curly hair, her new look during the quarantine | News of The Savior


The uruguayan looks completely different, no one knows whether or not to keep that image when you return to the court.

By S. Lopez Apr 26, 2020 – 12:44

Their characteristic hair cut neat is a thing of the past. Well, now it looks a abundant curly hair. We talk about the player Luis Suárezwho , due to the quarantine of a household has not been able to visit the hairdresser, something that has had a tremendous impact on your look.

The Barcelona striker he had to reinvent his image, but his new appearance seems to be not so accepted by all.

It seems that his wife, Sofia Balbi, would like to see it with the hair shorter. So they launched a survey in your account of Instagram to “decide the future” of his long hair.

The wife of footballer published a photograph of her husband in your story. In it you can appreciate the new look of Suarez.

“No you can escape more @luissuarez9”, was the message from Sofia to accompany the photograph. Also launched a survey to “decide” the fate of the curls of Suarez.

Of time, the story reveals that 83% agree that cutting the hair, while a 17% resists to the player to bounce of your hair.

Meanwhile all the followers are waiting to see if Sofia will meet the dream of becoming a stylist of her husband.

This is the image of the hair of Suárez published by his wife:

Photo Instagram