Maluma debuted the new ballad and said that dreams about finding the love of your life


The Colombian singer Maluma, who days ago he rubbed shoulders with world-class artists, premiered a new ballad in which he expressed his romantic side in order to deliver love in these times of complexity.

The singer released the afternoon of Thursday, “ADMV”, which stands for “Love of my Life”, with an emotional video that portrays him in old age, being in love, worthy of a Hollywood movie.

“I also sleep with the love of my life, I also dream of having a family as a priority, and some day experience something like this,” said Maluma, currently single, in an interview with The Associated Press from his quarantine in the city of Medellin.

The track was written in Jamaica. The singer is aprontaba to perform at the Grammy awards, where he had been nominated for the first time, but the global health emergency was truncated by your wishes.

“I could not and gave me a lot of sadness, lots of anger, but I tried to convert that feeling into something positive and I started to do this song, ‘Love of my life’. I went away on a kayak in the middle of the ocean and I started to write it,” he said.

On the track, he added: “it Was something that came from my heart and now that we are living so many things so difficult, I think that is a special message to spread in the whole world. That people can devote this song because that is what we need more humanity, a lot of love”.

Maluma had an exciting week not only for the above-mentioned topic, but also, as mentioned, because last Saturday he participated in the special Global Citizen “One World: Together At Home”, next to the renowned and historic artists, such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones.

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